At a young age, about 200 miles from Nairobi, Kenya, I met a young Masai man (morani) who I believe left a deep and lasting impression on my heart and soul.

He was curious about me. I was curious about him.

During this life stage, the Masai morani live in isolation in the bush, developing strength, courage and endurance. Their job is to protect their people and cattle from predators and other tribes.

Now, my mission is to inspire YOU to improve your stamina, focus and motivation so you can empower vulnerable communities in the most challenging environments around the world.


What I know about you is that you’ve always been more motivated by making a difference than making money. So you struggle with looking after your personal health and perhaps accumulating wealth.

What I do is I help people who are doing great work in the world (like you!) thrive and prosper so you can make even more of an impact the way that you love to impact.

So who am I, and how do I know how to help you?