Essential oils are the easiest tool to use in order to create optimum wellness.

They can be used in three ways:

  1. Aromatically
  2. Topically
  3. Internally

Why breathe them in?

Using essential oils aromatically can be especially helpful for…

  • shifting mood (citrus oils)
  • cleansing the air (Purify, OnGuard)
  • supporting the respiratory system (Breathe)
  • allowing you to feel like you’re outside when you’re inside  (To learn how to do that, click here)

Those are some of the main reasons you want a diffuser. It’s a big bummer to get started with essential oils without a diffuser.

Diffusing is the most effective way to enjoy essential oils aromatically. Diffusers take a whole oil and transform it into a mist that allows you to experience the benefits longer. You want to use diffusers that use water (or cold air) to diffuse the oil. Using heat could alter the chemical profile of the oil.

You can also experience the aromatic benefits of an essential oil simply by…

  • opening up the bottle and inhaling or
  • putting a drop in your hands, rubbing your palms together and inhaling

Why apply them?

Applying essential oils topically yields localized benefits for the skin and other areas of the body. As an example, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you would apply Immortelle Anti-aging Blend to your face.

Essential oils can easily penetrate the skin; however, you can slow down the evaporation of the oil by using a carrier oil.

What is a carrier oil? Carrier oils are lipid-based substances that can be used to dilute essential oils. The carrier oil will literally help to ‘carry’ your essential oil to the desired area.

When you dilute an essential oil using a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, it enhances the absorption without altering the potency of the oil and prevents skin sensitivities.

Why ingest them?

Essential oils can be used internally for …

  • Digestive support
  • Fighting off something
  • A refreshing way to keep up with our water intake

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