Top 10 Oils

1. Lavender essential oil is all things calming, whether it’s your emotions or any kind of skin irritations – burns, bee stings and bug bites.

2. Peppermint essential oil is good to open up the airways, reduce head tension, reduce nausea, and sooth an upset stomach.

3. Melaleuca essential oil is all things skin – for anything funky going on with the skin, feet, scalp, and nails – blemishes, diaper rash, athlete’s foot, healthy scalp, nail issues.

4. Lemon essential oil is all things cleansing/purifying, both internally and externally.

5. Oregano essential oil helps your body with the chemistry that it needs to have a strong immune response anytime you’re feeling under the weather.

6. Frankincense essential oil is phenomenal for your cellular health and can do wonders for your emotional health and your skin.

7. Breathe essential oil is everything respiratory. If you struggle with breathing, Breathe can really open up the airways and change your life when it comes to respiratory support.

8. DigestZen essential oil is your digestive support. This is all things tummy. If you’ve been bloated, gassy, had any type of upset stomach, felt nauseous, had a nervous tummy, or felt like you were going to toss your cookies, this blend is a game changer.

9. On Guard essential oil is everything immune system. It’s amazing for helping support a healthy immune system and to get any little bugs out of the air. This is about being proactive with your health and being proactive with whatever you’re exposed to every day. This is your go-to oil if you have a tingly throat.

10. Deep Blue essential oil is your soothing blend. Think natural icy hot to sooth your joints or your muscles. If your joints are always hurting, you clench your jaw a lot, or you tend to carry stress in your shoulders, Deep Blue is your go-to oil.

What happens is when you have just these top ten essential oils, you can see how many things you can combat. It really opens the floodgates to empower you with the natural tools that you need to combat tummy issues, to combat any type of sickness that is coming into your home, to combat sleep problems, to support your emotions – there are so many different uses.