Partner with Me

Do you have clients who have anxiety/stress?

Do you have problems with clients having any kind of fear when they come into your office?

Have you always wanted to support your patients who need something that they could use at home?

How could you inspire and support your patients so that they don’t feel like they always need you?

Do you love seeing patients, but you want to have that choice of seeing people or not?  In other words, seeing the people who you want to see? i.e., exclusively women and children

Do you want to inspire many more women on a much larger scale than one to one in your practice?

Do you want to touch lives in a MUCH bigger and much more powerful way than you can now in your full-time practice?

Do you want to have a business that you could run from your laptop from any beach in the world? Do you love traveling?

When you run your business are you getting out of it for very long to travel with your kids?

Are you open to learning more about essential oils?

One of my three passions is to help people doing great work in the world get health so they can make even more of an impact. That’s what brings my heart joy.

I’ve always known that people are as in need of financial blessings as they are physical blessings. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. I just never had a vehicle to really help, until now.

So now it brings my heart as much joy to help other people in humanitarian, mission-driven, heart-centered businesses that come from a place of service find wealth. I recognize that when people with good hearts make money, they are free to make even more of an impact.

If you are in a heart-based business or a company with a conscience looking to help even more people, I would LOVE to work with YOU because I admire the work that you do in the world.

To set up a time to get together, simply contact Beth at 202-285-8191 or