About Beth

A humanitarian at heart, Beth has lived a story of courage, serving vulnerable populations in the most challenging environments and then rediscovering herself after loss, that inspires live audiences nationwide and compels her to want to help companies and their people who are doing great work in the world to do it even better.

A health coach by training, Beth has also gained the esteemed mentorship of some of the top mentors and teachers in the field of raw and living foods and now she supports and guides heart-based businesses and their people as well as humanitarian aid workers, first responders, Goodwill Ambassadors, human rights activists and other impact-driven professionals in aligning key areas of their lives with their values and mission so they have the stamina, focus and motivation to pull it off. When you start to focus on reducing the chemicals in your home or rest and stress management, you will then naturally feel more drawn to exercise and eat right because you’ll have more energy and feel better in your body. It’s about making changes in one area at a time and not trying to take it on all at the same time.

Beth is a person of a great and diverse background who brings appropriate perspective to each of her initiatives and knows how to engage and touch diverse audiences in a way that is leaves them inspired, motivated and ready to work hard at being the best version of themselves so they can make even more of an impact. She applies a strong sense of social responsibility to all she does.

Booking Beth

Beth speaks on a variety of topics. Below is a list of her most popular topics or she can craft a message specific to the needs of your audience.

To inquire about Beth speaking at your next event, please contact beth@bethlindley.com

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I Found Effective Ways to Give My Body the Energy That it Needs

As someone who habitually overextends herself with work, family and social obligations, I was looking for better ways to give my body the energy it needed besides always reaching for that extra cup of coffee. Beth came and spoke to our staff about the 7 Eating Habits of Highly Productive People. Her talk really got me thinking about the types of foods I was putting into my body. That year I got a juicer and started juicing. My go-to concoction consisted large batches of beets, celery, apple, carrots and lemon twice a week. Now I buy fresh juice for 1.50 USD at a little shop right down the street from me in Thailand three times a week. To aid this detox, I drink about 4 liters of water a day. Juicing not only makes me feel good about myself, but it undoubtedly provides me with more energy, which I definitely appreciate working at a startup, and it has given my face a healthy glow that it lacked before. For snacking, instead of reaching for coffee and chocolate (like I used to), I now make my own superfood trail mix of walnuts and goji berries, or I eat almonds with apple slices. Beth is truly passionate about the work that she does and I’m grateful that she shares her knowledge about natural healthy living with everyone! Beth inspired me to kick start my healthy eating practices.

-Elizabeth Andrews

Leadership Development Manager

Wedu | www.weduglobal.orgwww.weduglobal.org

Bangkok, Thailand

Speaking Topics

  • Essential Oils 101 – You’ll learn 3 cool things about essential oils, 3 ways we use oils, and you will have the opportunity to hear other people’s stories about essential oils
  • Healthy Breathing: The Top Two Toxic Products in Your Home & The Best (And Most Fun) Alternatives
  • Healthy Sleep: Evening Ritual to Dial Down & Get a Restful Night’s Sleep
  • Healthy Emotions: How to Shift Your Mood in Three Easy Step
  • Healthy Skin: The Top 3 Internal Solutions + the Most Powerful External Secrets to Glowing Skin
  • Healthy Immune System: How To Keep Your Immune System Thriving Through the Winter
  • Healthy Digestion: Top 3 Tips for Healthy Digestion and Assimilation of Nutrients + Daily Smoothie Recipe
  • The 7 Eating Habits of Highly Productive People
  • How to Increase Your Profit, Productivity and Company Morale in 1 Easy Step

Professional Bio

After losing her mom to cancer in 2003 and then a few years later, during the recession, losing her job focused on freeing children from slavery, Beth felt strongly compelled to do something meaningful with her life, again. – Something that made a difference in this world.

So she decided to combine her knowledge about the power of nutrition and her desire to help companies and people who are doing great work to do it even better, and thus the Company Kitchen Makeover System™ was born.

In order to be the best at what she does, Beth studied with some of the top mentors and teachers in the field of raw and living foods.

During her time at nutrition school, and while studying with these mentors, she learned everything she needed to know in order to live the healthiest and happiest life herself, and just as importantly, how to pass this onto others.